Projects in Development

Fastback Pictures develops and produces content for all screen sizes.  Currently in development or production:


RIDER is a post-apocalyptic vision of the future where the ARCHITECTS, a technologically superior human enclave, harvest genetic material from the rest of the worlds survivors, OUTCASTS. The engineer’s enforcer, RIDER, kidnaps victims with impunity and kills any Outcast who tries to escape, despite the best efforts of poorly armed survivors. RIDER is a dark sci-fi action film with a twisted love story at its heart.

Painted Oceans

Artist TRISTAN EATON has assembled a team of world-renowned muralists to join him: SHEPARD FAIREY, FUTURA 2000, HOW&NOSM, and THE LONDON POLICE. The artists will paint murals on the historic Red Sands Sea Forts off the east coast of England. The PAINTED OCEANS documentary will capture the entire process as the artists live at sea for a month, battling weather and other dangers on all fronts while striving to secure their place in Art History. 

Girl With a Gun

GIRL WITH A GUN is a neo-noir, femme-fatal, thriller, where the world of our heroine, JUNE, is turned upside down by a sadistic Italian assassin, FRANK. On this unexpected night in Los Angeles, a cat and mouse game takes you into the underworld of sex, violence and deceit, and you soon realize no one can be trusted and nothing is as it seems.